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BDSMLR (it’s one hell of a clever play on the name “Tumblr”, isn’t it?) is a micro-blogging/social media platform for people that enjoy bondage and other kinky S&M-related activities. Basically, it’s a hotspot for kinky people that love exploring their sexuality and communicating with like-minded people. In our humble opinion, it’s a GREAT source for amateur and professionally-made BDSM pornography.

That, of course, was the biggest reason why we decided to create this little website right here – we felt like there were way too many amazing porno pictures and videos that went unnoticed on that platform. In general, no too many people are aware of this website’s existence, so we’re also doing our part in making it every bit as popular as it deserves to be. Sure, it’s all worded in a confusing and roundabout way, but we hope that you get what we’re saying. To put it bluntly, has lots of amazing pornography but there aren’t too many people around to enjoy it.

So, this collection of pornography is filled with amateur videos and pictures, for the most part. We aren’t going to debate whether or not non-professional pornography is actually superior, but let’s just say this – it’s always nice to see genuine passion from the people that are living the S&M lifestyle 24/7. Doesn’t matter if you’re into femdom or maledom, doesn’t matter what particular kinks you enjoy the most… You have to admit that there’s something really hot about people who show legitimate passion.

Now that you know that you’re not going to see lots and lots of pornstars here, let’s give you one more reason to be excited – there are MANY pornographic niches covered here. In addition to the aforementioned male and female domination, we have lots of more specific genres, including Wax Play, Rope Bondage, Mummification, POV Slave Orders, Femdom JOI, Public Humiliation, Cuckolding, and more. As you might imagine, BDSM porn is extremely diverse and there’s something for just about everyone. You will soon realize that we have an entirely separate category for EVERY S&M porn niche, no matter how insignificant or derivative it might seem on the surface.

In order to keep this collection as broad and as exciting as we want, we decided to implement a daily updates system. You, the visitor, are going to get access to the hottest extreme porn videos and pictures from different blogs, be it amateur tape bondage enthusiasts or big-name studios that run a blog on the aforementioned platform. We do our best to keep this collection as varied as humanly possible, so please forgive us for not always uploading the stuff that you expect us to upload. In other words, we are sorry in advance – sorry for subverting your expectations and giving you something you didn’t even know you needed.

Alright, it’s time to stop reading. You should just go ahead and check out what this awesome collection has to offer. You are guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised, there’s not a single doubt about it. Go ahead, start looking at the hottest BDSM pornography!

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